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Mulching with Weed mat

Unfortunately we have suffered a couple of major north westerly blasts which has managed to get under the mulch layer and blow parts of it around the vineyard.. The line that was set down on top of the mown grass has survived better than the grazed and sprayed out line.I have put the mats back a couple of times but unless it settles down soon this will become a ratgher tedious process....

October 17, 2015

Mulching experiment with Ecomat.

In discussion with David from EcoCover we laid down two rows of of EcoCover® Environmentally Friendly Weed Matting which is produced from waste paper that is removed from the landfill waste stream. "The Weed Mat NZ products contain unique attributes that benefit the plant, soil and environment. The EcoCover fertiliser enriched Weed Mat is a cost-effective substitute for other mulch systems used in the horticultural, agricultural and land management industries. EcoCover Weed Matting is the wor...

October 10, 2015

Springtime and buds are bursting everywhere

Last year with the severe gales in spring and the following summer drought growth was restricted on the vineyard and athe vines struggled. We have tried not to use roundup under the vines for the last three years and purchased an undervine mower to help cope with the grass and weeds. This was only partially successful and very time consuming. This year we have sprayed out most of the rows under the vines and will also cultivate between some of the rows as well. If the predicted very hot summer ...

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